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Franny and the Angel of Death franny angel.html ranny

Frances had some kind of cancer scare.  She went to what my brother Uncle Doctor Bobby Gene calls the Mayonnaise in Rochester and they cut her uterus out. A little later they put a radium implant in to make sure every thing was hunky dory. That was a little under a month ago... franny

Sex & the Single Gimp sex and gimp.html

For the sake of good taste let’s call the female person Sarah.  I’m not a man totally without decorum, and this story has your back street romance, illicit sex, and of course, cheating, lots of cheating.  As  a writer I know that I need to hold your attention. sex and gi

The Last Mitzvahmitzvah.html

 It’s  happened to every immigrant group in America. In the process of becoming
Americans you end up trading lox and bagels or spring rolls and fish sauce or tortillas and black beans for a Big Mac. Then, after you’ve given it up, the peasant food becomes trendy and expensive and you have to stand in line for what your grandmother could have made a lot
better. mitzvah.

Loretta's Tearoom loretta.html

You usually consider the source when someone tells you about a restaurant. Joel at the University computer lab had been pushing Loretta's Tea Room on 26th and Park and I'd been switching the subject for months. So, to give my buddy, 72 year-old Kay,  a relief from Vietnamese food, we tried it. lorett


The Life and Death of a Mere Mortal life and death.html

On Nine One One, while the whole of America was in fear and shock from those true believers diving our own commercial airlines into our skyscrapers, Kegan was unable to get his tracheotomy suctioned and he couldn’t breathe. The lack of oxygen caused him to have a heart attack and he was gone before José came out of the Seven-Eleven with the batteries. Not one television reporter noticed that September 11 was the day Larry Kegan returned...life and death.html

Ben and Jerry's ben and jerry's.html

I really don't know what bad omen put a gun to my head and dragged me over to the ice cream coolers in the super market. There, among all the Scandinavian names and health food frozen yogurts, was this Ben & Jerry's display. Down home hippie ice cream, I thought. Some kind of joke. Little did I realize the serious problem that I was opening for myself...L

So Soon to Die; Locust Cry so soon to die.html

The day after I got the news that Professor Ed Copeland had died of a stroke, I woke up with the feeling that I wanted to put something in his mailbox because I was always putting something in his box. Groves of trees, forests were sacrificed because I wanted him to see some junk... so soon to die.html

The Fighting Yankee fighting yankee.html

There'd been all these anti-war demonstrations but, tell the truth, they were more of a social thing. Find out where the party is, meet other young "like minded" people. Junk like that. Didn't really have that much to do with your "beliefs", if you know what I mean. fighting yankee.html

Mr. Sunnyland Gets His Shoes Shined mr. sunny.html

Mr. Sunnyland has become a commuter. Moved from New York City to some town in New Jersey so he could take the train every day. It’s all part of growing up. Get married, move to New Jersey, take the train. link